Our incentives are aligned with yours

If your property is vacant, we share in the income loss.  Therefore we find reliable, responsible tenants and actively maintain a pool of pre-screened candidates.


Our tested screening process eliminates 95% of high risk tenants

The tenant is a critical part of the total revenue equation.  We receive over 1500 rental inquiries per month during peak season.  On average, 1000 unqualified tenants are screened out for a wide range of reasons, and we select the top 10% of those tenants remaining.  We only rent to the best tenants.


Over 80% of our new properties enjoy increased rent in the first 12 months

Combining knowledge of market rates, what quality tenants look for in a property, and our ability to focus on the most desirable facets of your property during marketing, we are able to increase rents on the newly managed properties – normally covering the cost of our fees!


We rent units quickly to high quality tenants

With a pool of qualified candidates and effective marketing of properties, we fill vacant units an average of 21 days faster than self managing landlord.


1% vacancy rate over 3 years

Roughly 1% of our units are vacant at any given time.  We have a reputation within the rental community for responsiveness, fairness and quality property maintenance.  We have tenants tell us they prefer to rent a property under our management.


Up to 30% savings on maintenance repairs

Our 25+ person in-house maintenance team is on call 24/7 so you will not be the one phoned in the middle of the night.   This staff allows Henderson to charge less than third party contractors.  In the case of complex maintenance, we handle the project management.  We do not take a profit on materials, charging only our cost.


Owner retention rate of 98%

Once a property owner experiences Henderson services and people, they stay with us. We are fortunate to have owners who appreciate the value of our comprehensive service and highly responsive staff.  They have studied other options and come to the conclusion that Henderson is the finest property management company in the Northern Colorado.


“I have trusted Henderson with the management of my properties for over 5 years and would recommend them to anyone serious about long term asset management and protection.”

Gene Gustafson

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