Frequently Asked Questions

The application fee covers the costs associated with a financial and criminal background check on the applicant.  Once submitted, it is non-refundable.  Due to the nature of background data, applications are valid for 90-days.

Anyone living in the property over the age of 18 must pay for and complete an application. This includes adult children and both spouses. That way if one tenant moves out, we know that those remaining are qualified.

The application process generally takes 3-5 business days.

You will not be approved if you have poor credit, unpaid bills or loans (including library fines, utility and cable), a history of late payments, or a prior eviction from a property. You will be declined for felonies, sex crimes, restraining orders, current warrants or a history of multiple misdemeanors.  Please do not apply if you aware of these in your background.

It is not required, but it is advised because of the strong rental market right now. This will allow you to put down a security deposit on a property immediately after viewing it, thus preventing someone else from doing so first. The property is not legally yours until a lease is signed, but we will consider a commitment to rent upon receipt of a full security deposit.

Go to our web site and find the apartment you want to see. Then call and leave a message on our leasing line at 970-776-3021. Your call will be returned in the order it is received and we will schedule a showing during the returned call.

No, each adult needs to apply, and the application is valid for 90-days.

Typically the security deposit is equal to the monthly rent (unless stated otherwise in the property description on our web site).

This is based on local zoning laws, applicants should refer to the websites of the municipality in which they intend to rent.

The move in date on the description is set as is. You are not required to move in on that date, but the rent will begin on that date.

We understand that living in Northern Colorado means hosting visitors. Anyone staying in the property for over 14 consecutive days must be on the lease as a tenant.

Pet policies are specific to each property, guidelines are on the description.

If the property prohibits pets, this is not allowed. If the property does allow pets, be advised that those on the lease are financially responsible for any damage caused by a visiting or temporary pet.

The tenant is required for normal general maintenance, this includes replacing light bulbs, furnace filters, smoke and carbon dioxide detector batteries and maintaining a clean property inside and out. Many properties will require the tenant to take care of lawn mowing and snow removal. In the case of properties with sprinkler systems, Henderson will handle charge up and shut down.

As stated in our lease, you must allow Henderson to enter the property when the need arises. This includes our 90-day walk (roughly 90-days after you take residence), once per year when we do our property condition walk (to advise the owner of any needed maintenance), any time maintenance is needed, and prior to moving out when we need to show the apartment to interested tenants.

  • All properties require carpet cleaning when vacated. This is the responsibility of the tenant. Henderson does have a carpet cleaning service that you can use.
  • The tenant is responsible for cleaning the apartment thoroughly, if Henderson is required to do the cleaning for the next tenant to move in, this cost will be deducted from the deposit.
  • Pet damage
  • Required lawncare, if the tenant was responsible and has failed to maintain the lawn.
  • You will not be charged for normal wear and tear.