Even during a pandemic, people need a place to call home. Property owners need people to live in their rentals, but managing properties can be challenging amid shelter-in-place orders and public guidelines that continue to evolve as scientists deepen their understanding of the coronavirus. Partnering with a property manager during the COVID-19 outbreak is a simple—and social-distance friendly—solution. Here’s how a property manager can help you.

1. Maintain the Property According to Local Guidelines

Property maintenance and repairs don’t stop during a pandemic. Grass needs to be cut. Roofs need to be replaced. Drains need to be unclogged. Your property manager can coordinate appointments at times that are convenient for workers and tenants—all done in a socially-distanced manner. They also can negotiate with contractors to ensure that quality work is completed at a price that’s fair for all parties.

2. Screen Tenants

It can be challenging to maintain social distancing guidelines while screening tenants. You may not be comfortable meeting face to face or have spare time while working from home. Let a property manager take over this role. They know how to match tenants with properties, which can reduce vacancies. This skill also comes in handy when you’re trying to limit the number of people walking through your rental home.

3. Show Properties Safely

Tenants like to get a feel for their potential home before signing a lease, but showing properties can be tricky during a pandemic. The National Association of Realtors recommends conducting virtual showings when possible to reduce the number of people inside. A property manager can arrange socially-distanced tours of your property at any time of the day. If they choose to give an in-person tour, they can arrive early to open interior doors and windows to reduce contact inside and increase air circulation.

4. Keep Up With Local Eviction Ordinances

Governor Polis issued a moratorium on evictions just days after establishing a safer-at-home order for Colorado residents. This was a relief to tenants and a concern to property owners who rely on regular rental income. A professional property manager understands the moratorium and can help you avoid illegally evicting someone who can’t pay the rent because of COVID-19. Your property manager can also arrange payment plans with affected tenants and increase revenue for the owner.

5. Give You Peace of Mind

Perhaps the greatest benefit of working with a property manager during COVID-19 is the peace of mind you get from the relationship. When you don’t have to worry about marketing and maintaining the property or meeting the needs of tenants, you can give your attention to other parts of your life. This means you get more time to spend with your loved ones or engage in your favorite projects and hobbies.