Property Management in Fort Collins

Henderson has offered professional property management in Fort Collins, CO for over three decades—we recognized the market potential for a long time.

One thing is certain: Fort Collins is a beautiful town with a unique real estate market. Finding the right property management company to help you make the most out of your investment is a tough task. Over the years, we refined all aspects of our business from screening tenants to professional maintenance services. Our customers rest easy while we professionally market their properties, find high-quality tenants, collect rents, and drive high-return property improvements—all while making sure they get fair market value for their rentals.

Property Management in Fort Collins: Old Town

Quality property management in Fort Collins is hard to find.

Henderson has a large in-house team of real estate experts, customer service pros, and experienced portfolio managers right here in Fort Collins. In fact, most Henderson employees have lived on the Northern Front Range for many years. If you are seeking property management in Fort Collins, Henderson could be the partnership that takes your property cash flow to the next level. Not only do we help with residential properties, but we are also well-equipped to manage your commercial property investments as well.

Enjoy 40% off all maintenance and repairs.

Henderson employs in-house maintenance and repair professionals, but we also partner with a large network of providers in and around Fort Collins. Because we’ve built an entire team around making sure your property stays in excellent condition, we can offer our customers great discounts on top-quality work. From plumbing to electrical, drywall to flooring—Henderson has your property covered.

We fill vacant properties faster.

Through our pool of qualified leads, our effective property marketing skills, and our efficient screening process, we find high-quality renters faster. On average, we can rent a vacant property 21 days sooner than someone trying manage a property themselves. Additionally, most property owners who work with Henderson realize that the cost of property management in Fort Collins is surprisingly affordable. Use our expertise to get you the fair market rental income you deserve.

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Old Town Square - Property Management in Fort Collins

Expert Property Management with Perks

Henderson brings property owners unique benefits.
24/7 Maintenance Guarantee
Refined Tenant Screening Process
Free Rental Analysis
12-Month Tenant Guarantee
Skilled Property Management Team

Why Choose Henderson?

We know the market; the best rates, what quality tenants are looking for, and how to leverage the most desirable aspects of your property to increase rents so they cover the cost of management fees!

With a pool of qualified candidates and effective marketing of properties, we fill vacant units an average of 21 days faster than self-managing landlords.

With 1,600 inquiries, 50–100 tenants placed each month, we place the top 3–5 % of the best qualified tenants.

Our in-house maintenance team of over 25 professionals is on call 24/7 so you aren’t the one phoned in the middle of the night. This staff allows Henderson to charge less than third-party contractors. Whether you have a single-family home or a large complex, we also handle any large project management.

If your property is vacant, we share in the income loss. Therefore, we find reliable, responsible tenants and actively maintain a pool of pre-screened candidates.

Prospective tenants can ask questions and schedule showings 24 hours a day, 6 days a week!

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