Property Management in Greeley

We’ve been serving Northern Colorado for over 30 years.


Greeley is a wonderful community that is close to all that the Rocky Mountains have to offer. For over 30 years, Henderson has been offering professional property management services in Greeley, CO. We are experts at all things property management. This includes screening tenants, professional maintenance services and driving high-return on property investments. You can rest easy while we professionally market your property, find high-quality tenants, and collect rents. We’ve had the time to refine all aspects of our business to perfection, making us the right choice for your Greeley rental property.

Look no further for quality property management in Greeley.

Finding the right property management company can seem like a daunting task. What if they’re bad with tenants? What if they don’t keep up with repairs? What if they don’t market the property high enough? We understand these concerns and have the solutions.

At Henderson, we manage a large team of real estate experts,  customer service professionals, and experienced portfolio managers. The best part is we’re right here in Northern Colorado. In fact, most Henderson employees have lived on the Northern Front Range for many years. 

If you are seeking someone to help you with Greeley property management, Henderson could be the perfect partnership. Like you, we chose the Northern Front Range as our home so we know the ins and outs of residential properties in the area. We are also well-equipped to manage your commercial property investments. Either way, Henderson could be the partnership that takes your property cash flow to the next level.

Enjoy up to 40% off all maintenance and repairs.

We know property maintenance and repairs can be a huge stress. When you choose Henderson for your Greeley property management, we can manage all your upkeep. We have in-house maintenance and repair professionals, and we also partner with a large network of providers in and around the area. Tenants can submit service requests online, making maintenance and repairs easy and convenient. If there’s a maintenance issue outside regular business hours, we have a 24-hour maintenance department at the ready. We’ve built an entire team to make sure your property stays in excellent condition. Because of that, we can offer our customers great discounts on top-quality maintenance and repairs. From plumbing to electrical, drywall to flooring—Henderson has your property covered.

We fill vacant properties faster.

We know how difficult it can be to rent out your property on your own, and we’re here to check that task off your to-do list. On average, we can find tenants for a vacant property 21 days sooner than someone trying to manage a property themselves. We staff our leasing department so if a potential tenant submits an application, we can review and respond within 24 hours. We also ensure we’re finding a good fit for the space, rather than rushing to get the property occupied. That’s where our expertise with screening tenants is an added bonus.

Once tenants move in, we have many services available to make their life at your property easier. We provide an online rent portal, tenant relations representatives, property inspections, and more. 

We understand that hiring a property management company might seem intimidating, financially. Most property owners who work with Henderson, however, realize the expense of our Greeley property management services are surprisingly affordable. We use our expertise to get you the fair market rental income you deserve. Henderson has the skills to find high-quality leads—and fast. With less stress on your plate and quick, efficient rentals, it’s hard to see a downside of choosing us.

Still not sure if Henderson is the property management team for you? We offer a free rental analysis for your property so we know it is a good fit before jumping in. 

Our Property Management Services Come With Serious Value For Owners

24/7 Maintenance Guarantee
Refined Tenant Screening Process
Free Rental Analysis
12-Month Tenant Guarantee
Skilled Property Management Team

Why Choose Henderson?

We know the market; the best rates, what quality tenants are looking for and how to leverage the most desirable aspects of your property to increase rents so they cover the cost of management fees!

With a pool of qualified candidates and effective marketing of properties, we fill vacant units an average of 21 days faster than self-managing landlords.

With 1,600 Inquiries, 50-100 tenants placed each month, allowing us to place the top 3-5 % of the best qualified tenants.

Our in-house maintenance team of over 25 professionals is on call 24/7 so you will not be the one phoned in the middle of the night. This staff allows Henderson to charge less than third party contractors. Whether you have a single-family home or a large complex, we also handle any large project management.

If your property is vacant, we share in the income loss. Therefore, we find reliable, responsible tenants and actively maintain a pool of pre-screened candidates.

Prospective tenants can ask questions and schedule showings 24 hours a day, 6 days a week!

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