There are times when our tenants call to report that they need some maintenance done or for something to be repaired. So we thought we would outline our policies towards Henderson’s maintenance and repair process and explain the process that goes into it. Just a reminder this is our process to “Non-Emergency” instances. Some examples of this would be:

  • Air conditioning
  • Washing Machines
  • Dryers


Login To Tenant Portal and Make Claim

  1. In order to submit a request for a non-emergency maintenance & repair ticket, you must go onto our tenant portal and submit a claim requesting the service be performed. Explain in detail what needs to be repaired; the more detail the better as it allows us to understand the situation in full and will help us send out the right people with the correct parts to fix it.


Email Received

  1. Your email will be sent to our maintenance department who will review your claim. Shortly thereafter you will be contacted by our maintenance department asking questions about the issue in order to understand the scope of the work.


Ask Property Owner For Approval

  1. Once our maintenance department has gotten the necessary information about the job we will then ask the property owner for approval on the repair.
    1. NOTE: We cannot perform any maintenance in the property unless the property owner clears it. If the property owner denies the claim then you will be notified and will have to talk to them about any maintenance.



  1. Once the property manager gives us the approval we will schedule work to be done with the tenant. Tenants must wait 10-14 days before any work can be performed. This is to give us time to select the appropriate maintenance worker to perform the task and have them fit us in their schedule.
  2. Once the maintenance worker comes out they will inspect the situation and perform any repairs necessary
    1. NOTE: Remember to be as detailed as possible when submitting your claim, a lot of times the maintenance worker will come out and discover that there is a deeper issue they do not have parts for. Please do your best to explain what is happening as best you can so that this does not happen.


For Emergencies

  1. Emergencies take a higher priority for repairs or maintenance, as such they will be fixed within 24 hours. Emergencies pertain to appliances that relate to health and life such as:
    1. Water
    2. Heat
    3. Electric
  2. If an emergency occurs during our business hours M, T, TH, F 8-5 & Wednesday 10-5 then our maintenance department will handle the call and schedule a repair for that day.
  3. If an emergency occurs after hours then please leave a voicemail, and then the on-call technician will call back and handle things from here
    1. NOTE: When you leave your voicemail please be specific about the issue at hand.