In this day and age, everyone is extremely busy. Finding different ways to streamline our lives with technology is the name of the game, and Henderson Property Management recently decided to take the next step in joining this movement by implementing their new online customer portal.

Available immediately in the Apple iTunes and Google Play stores, Henderson’s online customer portal (powered by AppFolio) will allow tenants to pay rent with ease, automate their rent for hassle-free on-time payments, and submit work orders for maintenance requests.

Does something in your rental need fixing? Using the app, you can quickly submit work orders to Henderson so they can run the request through their approval process. You will get a timely response to your request, and you can even ask further questions and get more information on the timeline for completion.

Instead of physically delivering rent checks to drop boxes around town (or mailing rental payments), tenants can now pay online with a multitude of payment options. In addition to that, renters will love the new automatic payment function – enjoy peace of mind while your rent is paid on time every month!

To get started, you need only download the app, follow the sign-up instructions, create your profile, and enjoy!