Tenant pre-screening is one of the most important steps in property management. Henderson has the tools and expertise to help determine whether a potential tenant in your home is going to be a strike, or a strikeout.

Evicting a tenant for inability to pay rent can be a costly and time-consuming nightmare. Henderson goes through a thorough screening process with each tenant that starts with a nationwide credit and background check in order to identify if the prospective tenant is financially able to pay rent. We contact the prospective tenant’s current employer to verify their income.

It is imperative to contact an applicant’s employer to verify they have stable employment. Typically, a tenant’s net income must be 2-3 times the amount of the rent. All of our business is conducted in keeping with the Fair Housing Act and all applicable federal, state and local laws.

Next, we perform a credit check on all tenant applicants, we also look at payment history. We can see if an applicant has a history of late payments, signaling an eminent financial struggle. A co-signer is only permitted for full-time students, under the age of 25.

We do not accept any felonies, excessive misdemeanors, violent crimes, or sex offenders. We do not accept any prior evictions, outstanding judgments, liens, or collections.

Let Henderson take responsibility for your monthly rent checks. With our tenant screening process, we ensure that you can capture the highest rental rate, provide asset protection and tenant retention to compete in a competitive rental and property management market such as our fast-growing Northern Colorado Front Range area which includes Loveland, Longmont, Berthoud, Fort Collins, Windsor, Greeley, Evans, Johnstown, Milliken, and Mead.