A property manager is hired by a homeowner or real estate investor to manage a residential or commercial rental property for a monthly fee. Although their duties will vary based on the size and type of property and the responsibilities of their contract, typically a property manager is responsible for collecting rent, tenant relations, maintenance and repairs, and ensuring the property is abiding by local and federal laws. The cost of hiring a property manager is tax deductible against the income generated by the property.

Typically, a Property Manager’s Duties Include:

All tenant relationships and communications are handled by the property manager, including but not limited to finding and evicting tenants, collecting rent, and communicating the expectations and guidelines of the lease to the tenant. The property manager is also responsible for all maintenance requests and issues, as well as general upkeep and scheduled maintenance on the property. The property manager is generally in charge of being responsible for the property, making certain that the property is not losing value as it is occupied by tenants.

Why Hire a Property Manager:

The most prominent pro to hiring a property manager is that it removes most of the responsibility from the property owner to actively manage the property. Many people who entrust their investments with a property manager are investors who have a portfolio of properties allowing them to focus on expanding their investments.

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